Something New is Coming…

IT’S non-surgical, NEW TECHNOLOGY that changes everything.

Tactual is moving into something new in demand for the modern man.
If you didn’t choose bald it time to be the choice not the victim.
Get your head of hair within 15mins completely non-surgical.

MORE THAN HAIR, ITs quality of life.

Life’s short, live it better!

It’s not the 90’s anymore everything has moved on. With our new hairsystem technology you can choose hair without surgery. No risks of surgical complications and if you really don’t like it just get rid of it. We doubt you will though as it really changes everything. Something as simple as not having to wear a hat, or walk in the shade. You’ll even be able to swim at the beach during peak daylight hours

50% Discount

Why risk it. We are confident you’ll love it so we are offering 50% your first fitting. If you don’t love it you aren’t over committing anyway! Long term its less than a coffee a day. Be generous give to yourself!


Clients Reviews

After 25 years of baldness I just got fitted for my new system. I didn’t realise how much this would change my day to day vision of myself.

Glen Sparkle, BRUNSWICK

I’m not insecure about it, I just didn’t choose baldness. Now I choose HAIR and it’s amazing. Thanks Tactual!

Michael Richards, RICHMOND

I saw my father getting little skin cancers on his bald sculp. I’m choosing to write my path. Tactual is making it fun and easy.

john hood, FITZROY

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Get the perfect solution for your hair-sitch. Active, beach or just chill, we’ve got the solutions.


Make your hairstyle your dream hairstyle.
Change it tomorrow if you want.


Finish your look with the perfect colour and cut. Blend it and make it all come together.

God Mode

Become the God you are inside, outside. Celebrate the new you with your friends, they’ll love it.